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Recommended Shopping List

This shopping list shows the items that are required for a new kitten as well as our opinions on some of the better brands, designs, etc.  You can download and print the shopping list in PDF format.  


1)  Litter - Petsmart ExquisiCat is actually TidyCat.  The clumping kind is not recommended for kittens younger than 12 weeks as they tend to eat litter.  

2)  Litter Box - A hooded litter box is nice and the Clever Cat top-opening (or modified plastic storage bin from the discount store) helps keep odors and litter in place.  

3)  Litter Scoop - A strong litter scoop like the Booda Scoop & Hide ($8.99 at Pet Supplies Plus and $9:99 at PetsMart)

4)  Litter Box Liners - These plastic liners help keep the box clean and help in cleaning.  Heavy-duty Lawn and Leaf bags are perfect and cheaper than the commercial brands.  Costco brand are the best and cheapest.  

5)  Scratching Post - A scratching post, especially when introduced young, will minimize destruction of furniture and other household items.  It should be tall to maximize stretching.  The 36” sisal rope post (PetsMart has the best/cheapest under the Whisker City brand for $34.99).  The rope kind feel like trees, the cat’s natural scratching post.  Never use a carpeted scratching post because the kitten may associate carpet with scratching, including your carpet on the floors.  

6.  Nail Trimmers - Get the kind designed for cats because the human type nail trimmers crush the claws and is uncomfortable.  Starting young will make it easier to trim an adult cats nails as well.  Keeping claws trimmed will also reduce unwanted destructive behavior.  The idea is to only take the sharp tip off the claws.  Be careful not to cut them too short and stay well away from the quick, where the nail turns pink.  We will show you how to trim claws when your kitten is delivered, or you can find more detailed instructions on the Internet or from a local vet or groomer.  

7.  Food and Water Bowls - You should use glass, metal, or ceramic bowls.  Some cats have an allergy to plastic and it is also more difficult to clean.  Good bowls can be found at thrift stores.  

8.  Pet Carrier - The top-opening kind make it easy to retrieve your cat, especially when they are less than excited about seeing the vet.  Only use cardboard carriers in an emergency, and even then have duct tape on handle because a cat will easily escape.  


(you can get ALL of these for less than $20)

1)  Feather wand fishing pole with feather and bell teasers that detach.  (PetsMart has the best ones)

2)  Cat Dancer springy 3 ft. Wire with beads at each end.  ($2.99 at Petco).  

3)  Soft, sparkly PomPoms (JoAnn Fabric in the craft section)

4)  Catnip mouse with Velcro opening.  

5)  Mylar Balls that make a crunching sound.  


Rules of Thumb:

   1)  Avoid food with “by-products” of any kind - means not fit for human consumption

   2)  The first two ingredients should be meat, not grain

   3)  No corn products

   4)  Best if there is no grain at all - Cats are carnivores and do not process grains.  

The following foods are made with human grade ingredients, in voluntary compliance with the FDA.  The first two ingredients are meat and the is no corn, and no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors.  

1)  Wellness and Wellness Core (Grain free/high protein)

2)  Before Grain (Grain free/high protein)

3)  Solid Gold

These are available at:  Petco, Bark-n-Purr, Just for Pets, Pet Supplies Plus, Tomlinsons, Gallery of Pets, and  

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