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Due to Coronavirus by city mandate all events have been canceled until further notice.  

We can arrange visits at home with approved application.  Please email us at for more details.

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 Founded in 2009, Purrfect Pals Rescue is a 501c(3) non-profit group with a handful of committed volunteers who rescue, raise, and safely re-home about 100 orphaned and abandoned kittens, and some adult cats, every year. We foster kittens out of our homes, and the kittens live with us until forever homes can be found. Many kittens come to us as newborns needing to be bottle-raised. Some are sick or injured and need special care to raise them into healthy, loving pets.  

 We also encourage people to spay and neuter their pets as well as support local trap and release programs.  Trap and release programs are a great way to reduce overpopulation where someone, usually volunteers, trap feral animals in order to spay or neuter.   The animal is then released back where it was trapped.  This is a more effective population control than euthanizing thousands of animals a year.  

Special Thanks To:

We’re incredibly grateful to the following veterinary clinics and Petco for the direct support they provide to Purrfect Pals Rescue, without which we could not do the work we do.

Quite simply, we would have nowhere to showcase our adorable kitties without Petco’s Great Hills Trail location. Every Saturday they give us their giant conference room so our cats and kittens have a quiet and safe space to meet the public. Petco Foundation has provided us with equipment when we’ve needed it, and the incredible staff at this location work hard on our behalf to generate customer donations during the holidays, which the Foundation then matches! It’s easy to see why this is one of the most successful stores in the Austin area Petco chain.

Doctors Womack, Mendelzon and Zimmer help us take great care of our animals, not only providing excellent vet care, but also offering a very generous discount for their services.  If you are looking for a vet in the Northwest Austin Area you should go see them. Their hours are particularly appealing, 7am to 7pm M-F without an appointment, and half-day Saturdays by appointment.

The Pet and Bird clinic provide excellent care and low cost spay and neuter services for out kitties.  Dr. Mekonnen is at the South Branch location (403 E. Ben White) and Dr. Wadhiwani is at the Wells Branch location (12202 Mo-Pac Expressway).  The are open from 7am to 9pm M-F, 8am to 3pm Saturday, and 12pm to 3pm on Sunday.     

Inevitably, kittens seem to get sick or hurt about an hour after normal office hours or on weekends. With our limited finances we sometimes have to consider the severity of the situation to see if it can wait for our regular vets’ offices to open.  Our partnership with the Emergency Animal Hospital has made this decision easier and less stressful through their generous discount for all of our emergency needs.  With locations north and south, their excellent vets are easily accessible to any of our fosters families.

Kitten foster homes are always urgently needed! It’s the difference between life and death when we receive a call from a shelter or an emergency vet about kittens, but there are no temporary homes in which to place them. Whether you can spare a couple of weeks, or the full 9 weeks it takes to raise kittens until they’re ready for adoption, Purrfect Pals will work around your availability. Our most urgent need is for people to bottle feed. We provide full training and support. Bottle-feeders sometimes take kittens just until weaned (at about 5 weeks), so they can then take in more bottle-babies. But if you’d rather take only weaned kittens through adoption age, we need that too. We pay for vet services and ask that you provide the specified food/formula and litter. Download a fostering application , or contact us at for more information.    

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