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Adoption Events Saturdays 1 - 5 pm at the Arboretum Petco

Due to low volume, we may cancel events without notice.  Please email us at to verify our events.

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 Purrfect Pals Rescue is a 501c(3) non-profit group with a handful of  committed volunteers who rescue, raise, and safely re-home orphaned and abandoned kittens.  We specialize in “bottle babies” which need around the clock feedings.  Our aim is to reduce overpopulation and decrease euthanasia rates at Town Lake Animal Center and other city “pounds”.  

We foster kittens out of our homes, and the kittens live with us until forever homes can be found.  These animals are orphaned when they come to us - many as newborns that must be bottle raised.  Many are also sick or injured and need special care to raise them into healthy, loving pets.  The local animal shelters do not have the ability to raise bottle babies because of the time it takes.  Like all babies, they need a lot of care and attention.  

 We also encourage people to spay and neuter their pets as well as support local trap and release programs.  Trap and release programs are a great way to reduce overpopulation where someone, usually volunteers, trap feral animals in order to spay or neuter.   The animal is then released back where it was trapped.  This is a more effective population control than euthanizing thousands of animals a year.  

Special Thanks To:

(512) 442-9518 801 E. William Cannon Dr. Suite #220 Austin TX, 78745

The doctors at Century Animal Hospital provide us with wonderful vet care at discounted prices, often times free.  The vets have extensive experience with neo-natal care and offer much advice as well as care.  They also understand that when dealing with neo-natal kittens time is of the essence.  They understand that and we have never been denied an appointment.  Often times this means that the vets have to squeeze us in during lunch breaks, between regular appointments, or stay late to see us.  We sometimes have to accept appointments at closing time, and they never seem to scoff at spending as much time as we need to fully understand what we need to do.  It goes without saying that they also will accept our calls and help us over the phone.  

Petco helps us out greatly by allowing us free use of the space for our weekly adoption events.  This gives us exposure that we could not ordinarily get.  Also, the Petco Foundation donated several cages and supplies.  

The staff at the Great Hills Trail location is also amazing.  They are always friendly and helpful and will work with us to make our events as good as they can be.  Sometimes this means that they have to move displays and rearrange so we can get space on weekends that the usually place is not available.  While we do let them pet the cats in trade, they will also tell us when the supplies we use are on sale.  They are just a pleasure to share a space with once a week.  

Free Space, Free Stuff, Great can we not appreciate them.  

With two locations, Emergency Animal Hospital is easily accessible to any of our fosters.  Inevitably, our animals like to get sick or hurt about an hour after our usual vets close on Friday afternoons.  With limited finances we sometimes have to weigh the severity of the situation to see if we can wait for our regular vets to open Monday morning, or sometimes make appointments with our regular vets that we don’t really need for fear that it may get worse over the weekend.  

Emergency Animal Hospital has made this decision easier, and less stressful, by generously offering us a discount for any of our emergency needs.  

North Location (512) 331-6121 12034 Research Boulevard #8 Austin TX, 78759 South Location (512) 899-0955 4434 Frontier Trail Austin, TX 78745

Dr. Stephanie Swanzy

Dr. Swanzy works at the Anderson Mill Animal Clinic and she is a wonderful vet and great friend to us.  She personally assists us by answering questions and makes house calls.  She also occasionally fosters.   

Doctors Zimmer and Mendelzon help us take great care of our animals.  Not only providing excellent vet care, but also generously giving us wonderful discounts.  If you are looking for a vet in the Northwest Austin Area you should go see them.  You will not be disappointed.